About Us

Hi! I am Caroline Smith, the owner of Zomboots. Like many of you, I’ve been around the bush. ;)

When I was tree planting, timber cruising and doing field layout, I saw many sides of the forestry industry. I also heard (and made) many complaints about the lack of appropriate footwear for women.

Throughout British Columbia, forestry companies require their workers to wear spiked (“caulked”) boots. Caulked boots greatly reduce the number of slips, trips and falls by field workers. The spikes on the bottom of the boot will grip wet logs, ice, or any slippery surface, avoiding the scraped knees, punctured hands and other injuries that we’ve all grown - unhappily - accustomed to.

My first pair of caulked boots were classic rubber boots. They were heavy, had literally no ankle support and were only available in men’s sizes, but they were cheap. After a summer of blisters, rolled ankles, and stinky feet, I decided to upgrade.

I couldn’t find any women’s caulked boots on the market, so I took my hiking boots to a shoe maker and had them caulked. My lightweight, comfortable boots lasted a whole 2 weeks before the shoe glue wore down and my boots fell apart.

I decided that if this was such a problem for me, it was probably a problem for many other women working in the forestry industry. I felt that it was about time that women had the option to buy a high quality caulked boot that was lightweight, comfortable and durable. That is how Zomboots was born!